T shirts with dogs on. Senior t shirt design ideas.

T Shirts With Dogs On

t shirts with dogs on

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t shirts with dogs on - Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon on Paws Dog Art Print T-Shirt, 2XL, Ash Gray

Brussels Griffon on Paws Dog Art Print T-Shirt, 2XL, Ash Gray

Each shirt showcases a print of my original art. The pigmented inks are hot pressed right into the fabric and sealed, leaving the image with a matte finish (not slick, thick, or plastic feeling), and after only a few washes, the image will feel like part of the shirt. .... Adult Unisex T-Shirt Sizes (Approx. Minimum Sizes) Small = 34 inches around, Medium = 38 inches around, Large = 42 inches around, XL = 46 inches around, 2XL = 50 inches around, 3XL = 54 inches around, 4XL = 58 inches around, 5XL = 62 inches around. ... NOTE: Shirts are custom made to order. Please use this size chart, as exchanges will not be made unless the shirt fails to match the chart.

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Stupid dogs and their owners!

Stupid dogs and their owners!

Don't get me wrong...I love dogs. I grew up with dogs. My parents raised golden retriever puppies (so cute with their puppy bellies!).

What tans my hide is when I am trying to do a shot, especially near water, and strange dogs are around in my shot, and sniffing and splashing my camera.

The owner, "they just want to play with you!"

Me, "I don't want to play with them"

The owner, "they don't understand that"

Me, "yeah but you do!"

Now imagine all that in German, and the male dog lifting his leg on every rock (including the one my camera had shortly before been sitting on!)

F*cking dog owners...

So I am dissatisfied with today's shot...I will have to go down there when there are no dogs and try jumping across again...

FGR puts on a white t-shirt and tries not to fall in the water...

shirt quilt

shirt quilt

two of these "unquilted t-shirt quilts" left me with a pile of t-shirt scraps. not able to throw the stuff away, I hauled them with me to the family's new home....and decidedto knit them up. One knitted lump became a dog bed (on the pillow)...another became a welcome mat for the girls cardboard box house.

t shirts with dogs on

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