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Where Can I Find Obama T Shirts

where can i find obama t shirts

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Finally a ball court!

Finally a ball court!

First off, Merry Christmas!

I had a rather interesting Christmas day. I can honestly say not the strangest and most dangerous Christmas day I’ve lived through but, very interesting none the less! At least I think so anyway.

As some of you reading this may know I LOVE to play basketball! Basketball is my all time favorite thing to do - I even like playing ball more than drinking, believe it or not. I guess it is a blessing in disguise that all alcohol is illegal in Kuwait, for if it were not, I would have been drinking every day since my arrival nearly two weeks ago. I’ve lost about six pounds and I feel well. This being said, though, I still long for that drink. It was like drinking and sitting down at my computer to write and edit photos were joined at the hip twins the past five years. Even when I really didn’t want to drink I was drinking. There were days I’d wake in the morning and the first thing I’d do is pour me a drink, sit down at the computer and start writing. Seriously!

Alcohol was always so damn easy to obtain and so cheap. I liked the way it made me feel. Some days and nights I’d be freaking so dammed depressed and or upset I thought it was the alcohol that helped me write. There were many times I woke the next morning with that old and dirty-shoe morning breath. I have suffered the affects of foot-in-mouth syndrome on more than one occasion - to put it mildly. Tonight I feel that same inspiration to write and share a story with you I did on so many drunken occasions. I’ve got some good music playing and a glass of, get this, WATER on my desk - holy shit, I can’t believe I just said that! LOL!!!! WATER! Hey, I’m dehydrated right now - really I am! I played basketball all day today under the Kuwaiti sun, which brings me to the story I want to share with you.

I have been searching far and near, high and low and over and under for a basketball court here in Kuwait! I don’t know what it is but, there is not a single place to play basketball near my apartment. I’m going to have to introduce a rim out back in the parking lot of my apartment and get some games going. Today, though, I had had enough! I decided that I was going to flag down a taxi and have the driver take me to the nearest basketball court he could find - hell, at this point I wouldn’t have cared if he drove me into Iran or Iraq! I was hell-bent on playing ball Christmas day somewhere in the Middle East!

I have never been in a taxi here in Kuwait nor have I received any kind of “briefing” on taking a taxi since my arrival. I didn’t care though, I was going to play ball today! So there I am standing on the side of the road. I’m there for only a second when I see a taxi approach. I wave my hand, the driver sees me, and I find myself sitting in the front seat staring eye to eye with the driver. The driver of this taxi was a dark skinned man with big, round eyes, a bushy, pitch-black mustache complimented by huge eyebrows just as dark. Something I couldn’t recognize as anything I knew about was hanging from the rearview mirror. The taxi was clean; a four door tiny, white Toyota of some sort.

I start speaking English and I find myself pleasantly surprised to hear English coming from the mouth of the driver. I tell him that I want to play basketball and for him to take me to the nearest basketball court he knew about. I was wearing a grey T-shirt with black jogging trousers with a pair of shorts under. I was told that it wouldn‘t be wise to wear shorts while walking around Kuwait City. This, like most of my so called “security-briefing” was pure bull-shit. I also had a see through, mesh backpack with a basketball, some water and a few small snacks inside.

About five minutes into the drive the driver asks me where I am from. I tell him America. He asks from what state and I tell him Texas. There was a slight pause and the body language of the diver told me perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned Texas, for the next thing out of the driver’s mouth was, “your President Bush is from Texas”, as he stared strait forward. I told the driver he was correct and that I HATED Bush with a passion and was so thankful that President Elect Obama is going to be America’s next President - all of which is the honest to God’s truth!

It was kind of a strange moment because after saying what I said about Bush and Obama the driver totally changed. He looked over at me and smiled reveling nearly perfect, white teeth. The next thing out of the driver’s mouth kind of surprised me a bit. He said, “you know, I hate your President Bush too! He causes too much trouble in the world and it used to be that I would never allow an American into my taxi. I have changed this policy of mine because I am now happy with the American people. They elected Obama and I really like him like so many that is non-American....”

I listened with sincere interest because I understood what the man was saying and I totally agreed with him. Th



Here is our photo. It was taken by the Nashua Telegraph in Nashua NH. My
name is Stacy Johnson and I am the one with the glasses. My friend is Sally
Smith and the event took place @my house. The following was in this
morning's paper...

Connecting with voters, virtually


Sally Smith, left, sits with Stacy Johnson in her living room watching a
live webcast of Barack Obama on a laptop Saturday.

Personal politicking is the mainstay of New Hampshire's primary season, and
you can't get much more personal than a candidate meeting with a voter in
her home.

However, when that meeting takes place via streaming video sent over the
Internet - with all the technical quirks that implies - maybe the term
"personal" needs to be redefined.

"It'll probably be on YouTube later. It'll be better there," Sally Smith
said philosophically, as she sat in the Berkeley Street living room of Stacy
Johnson to watch Democratic hopeful Barack Obama's unusual online "house
party" on Saturday afternoon. The two-person house party logged onto Obama's
Web site at 4 p.m. to watch a live feed of the candidate taking questions at
a gathering in a small-town Iowa library, but the video was jerky and often
stopped entirely. (Johnson made sure her kids weren't upstairs hooking into
World of Warcraft, a bandwidth-hogging online game; so the problem either
existed with the Comcast network or Obama's servers.)

Over in Brookline, Alice and HB Buckner hosted another of the roughly 35
similar house parties in New Hampshire held to watch Saturday's webcast, but
they had no video at all. Alice Buckner attributed that to the Internet
connection at their isolated home.

"We could hear him but not see anything," said Buckner, who said more than
25 people answered invitations to socialize and watch the Web feed at their
house. "We have satellite Internet at our house, so it was pretty lousy, but
people had a sense of humor about it."

The national campaign said about 5,000 places, mostly private homes, had
signed up online to host parties and watch the Web feed.

It wasn't quite interactive - you couldn't send questions to the candidate
from your computer - yet its real-time signal made it feel more connected
than the usual canned download. Obama didn't fall out of his chair - but if
he had, you could have watched.

"It brought across the intention and effort of the campaign: to provide that
kind of spontaneous, live, unscripted effort," said Buckner.

In a way, the gathering was new, part of the online evolution of
presidential campaigning that dates back to days when Lamar Alexander could
draw attention by announcing that he had a real Web site, featuring a
background patterned after his trademarked plaid shirts.

"When I think how we used the Internet to follow these campaigns back in the
mid-'90s compared to now, it's remarkable the level of interactivity they've
got now, using this stuff to mobilize and connect," said Dean Spiliotes,
director of research at St. Anselm College's New Hampshire Institute of

But, in a way, the gathering was old, part of the presidential campaign
tradition in New Hampshire, where it's a snap to move from merely interested
to active.

Johnson, 29, an assistant clerk at BAE Systems, is a perfect example.

This is the first presidential campaign since she moved back to New
Hampshire from Delaware with her husband, Quintin, and their four children.
She wasn't going to let it pass.

"I remember watching Kerry (in 2004) on TV and thinking that would be great
to be part of," she said. "When we moved back I was, 'Yeah! I'm going to be
up there for the campaign.' "

Johnson said she decided to back Obama after reading his two books and
finding him inspirational. "I kind of feel like I know him," she said.

She also cited Obama's opposition to the Iraq war and his emphasis on social
issues. She said her husband's loss of a job had forced them to sell their
home and deplete their retirement fund before they got back on their feet,
leading to her belief that the social safety net needs to be addressed.

An independent-turned-Dem-ocrat, she saw Obama in February at a huge rally
in Durham, where she arrived five hours early to get a good seat. She wasn't
going to hold a house party for the webcast until queried by the state
campaign office, which noted that the only gathering in Nashua was at Rivier

"I finally said OK. It's kind of last-minute," she admitted.

Numerically, Johnson's party wasn't the sort that makes a campaign cheer:
The only other participant, aside from a reporter and photographer, was
Smith, a New Hampshire Obama staffer who met Johnson online. (Quintin, a
Hillary Clinton supporter, stayed upstairs with the kids so as not to get in
the way.)

Other locations, like Buckner's in Brookline, did better: Twenty or more
people showed up in Nelson, at UNH and in Manchester, sai

where can i find obama t shirts

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